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5 things to know about bathroom remodelling

You’ve been living with someone else’s idea of the perfect bathroom for years – the sky-blue tiles

and outdated cabinets just don’t work for you anymore. So, what should you be thinking about

before you renovate your bathroom?

1. Count the cost

Start with your budget – it will determine the scale of your remodel and help you to choose the

correct fittings and materials. Leave yourself a little extra for the unexpected expenses that can crop

up with renovations.

2. Do the research

It is fun to look at great bathrooms in magazines or online, but visiting showrooms will give you a

better idea of cost, sizes and materials. Measure the area so that you have a good idea of what

you’re working with, and list your needs and likes. A cabinet for storage is a need, but a heated

towel-rail could be a want.

3. Talk to the professionals

You’ll need a professional plumber for a full remodel, and an electrician for any wiring, so call several

in to give you quotes. Ask their advice, as they can help you avoid mistakes.

4. Work with what you have

While you might be tempted to switch everything in your bathroom around, working with the

original footprint regarding pipes and drains will definitely save you money. So, instead of moving

the basin to the opposite side of the room, rather install a beautiful basin.

5. Don’t be seduced by style

If yours is a family home and you need storage in the bathroom, don’t be swept away by a gorgeous

pedestal basin! Is a slipper bath practical for your home – or will a corner bath open up your space?

Take your practical needs into account, and then choose the most stylish option within your budget.

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