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Affordable Home Building: Getting More for Less

More and more people today are deciding against buying a home but are more likely to take the plunge and build their own home. The reasons are simple: it gives them the opportunity to design their dream house and all its elements while being resourceful when it comes to cutting the costs. It’s common knowledge that building a house costs a lot of money, but just because you have a limited budget it doesn’t mean the task is impossible, only a bit more challenging.

A little creativity can go a long way, and when paired up with some scaling back, you will surely get one step closer to having your new home built on a shoestring budget. Here are several suggestions on how to afford your dream home without overspending.

Focus on the main things and save on the finishes

A clever way to start is to prioritise the structural aspects of your house rather than the finishing touches. Surely, it’s more satisfying and fun to pick the wall colours, floors and tiles, but making sure the house structure is solid and energy-efficient is what will save you the money. You can easily scale back by choosing your decorations at different retailers and at discount prices, even use secondhand items and reclaimed materials. They can all be upgraded or replaced later, but replacing walls, siding, insulation or windows is by far costlier.

Invest in insulation

Paying attention to proper insulation early on will definitely pay off in the long run. Making your home energy-efficient and well-insulated will not only provide you with a comfortable and cosy home, but it’ll also significantly cut your utility costs in the future. Moreover, you will not have to invest in expensive cooling/heating system, which means you’ll be able to splurge on design elements elsewhere.


Keep it simple

When planning your home design, try to keep it simple. Rectangular and square homes are the least expensive ones, and if you build up, you will use the same foundation and roof footage but expand and maximize the space.

Furthermore, complex roof constructions will only add to the cost and increase the risk of future leaks. If you keep the roof design free of asymmetrical slopes, you’ll be able to cut the costs by preventing any potential roof problems.

For the best project design, it’s best you turn to the professionals who know all the ins and outs of building costs. For instance, expert project home builders now offer a wide range of designs, making home construction projects more affordable and allowing for customisation and modifications of floor plans.

Bring the outdoors in

One of the best and most effective ways to make a small home seem bigger is to bring the outdoors inside. Give your home a big view of the outside by installing French doors overlooking your backyard or large, picture windows directly opposite your front entrance, which will give you the illusion of length and space.

Another suggestion is to create an entertainment area right outside your living room by building a deck or patio, so when you open your French doors, the outside becomes the extension of your home and both spaces seemingly blend into one.

Building your home means embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. In order to make it a fantastic journey and not a nightmare, make sure you plan well, get organised and follow the simple tips outlined here. You’ll be proud of being a homeowner of the house of your dreams and a bank account that doesn’t scream red.

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