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The Art of Choosing a Kitchen Rug

The kitchen is the place where people come together and spend quite a bit of time. Sometimes, however, these spaces are lacking aesthetic draw or functional features, which is why people seek to implement warm elements like rugs. They can make your domestic hub more inviting and visually appealing. Choosing the right rug isn’t exactly rocket science, but more of a fine art. So, here is a guide on how to infuse warmth into your floors and enhance décor in one stroke.

Design principles

First off, let’s consider the visual side of things.

Rule number one: to create a cohesive look, you need to coordinate the rug with the existing kitchen decor. This principle applies both to accent rugs and area rugs. Thus, pay attention to elements like kitchen furniture, cabinets, flooring, etc. You don’t want them competing for attention with your latest addition. For instance, if bright tones dominate your kitchen space, then going for a neutral rug is a good idea.

On the other hand, in light and monochromatic kitchens, solid color rugs can be used to add life and spark interest. This is a great way to introduce pops of color and texture to muted floors and transform the feel of the space in an instant. Just take a good look at your kitchen and figure out how much of the floor you want to cover. If you love the surface, you can opt for a smaller rug that provides just a little cushioning by the sink or prep area.

A matter of practicality

A rug is more than just eye-candy: it protects floors from wear and tear, and provides good sound insulation and cushioning for your feet. Therefore, beyond aesthetics, you must factor in the cleanability and ease of maintenance.

In a well-used kitchen, a lot of stuff ends up on the floor, from crumbs to spills. That is why rugs that are machine-ready are preferable. There are also materials such as jute, bamboo, and sisal that can be hand washed with a solution of water and soap. Finally, feel free to consider wool for some plush underfoot feeling: this material is naturally stain- and water-resistant. It also holds up well to heavy traffic, especially when maintained properly.

Finding a suitable product shouldn’t be too hard, either via the internet or in a local store. For instance, many customers choose to buy quality rugs online at because they offer a wide range of styles, materials and sizes at affordable prices.

Additional considerations

When shopping around, another thing to consider is weave type. In kitchens that see a lot of foot traffic, a flatweave rug is a prudent choice. It’s capable of withstanding heavy beating and also looks good. They can be made of cotton and other easy-care fibers that make maintenance a breeze. Also, note that thicker rugs give extra padding underfoot and reduce the level of noise considerably.

Speaking of which, there is one solution that offers even more benefits for tired feet in the kitchen.  Namely, anti-fatigue mats are a great investment for those who spend a lot of time standing and preparing meals. They contain memory foam and other cutting-edge materials that alleviate the strain on leg muscles and ward off fatigue.

One final thing to consider is the overall safety in the kitchen. After all, slip-and-fall accidents are quite common and often result in perilous injuries. Rugs that have non-slip backing can prevent these occurrences as they stay firmly in place. Likewise, it would be wise to select a rug that features a non-slip pad instead of a felt pad.

Style and substance

It is quite amazing what a simple rug can do for your kitchen. On one level, it gives more character to the heart of your home and makes your time spent there much more enjoyable. What is more, it adds extra comfort, reduces the noise, decreases fatigue caused by standing, and minimizes the wear and tear of the floor.

So, no matter what your kitchen floor is made of, it can probably use a rug. Just ensure that the rug suits your taste, and matches the layout and the design of your kitchen. With a relatively small investment, you have a chance to make a style statement and deliver a nice finishing touch to your kitchen environment.

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