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Buying new appliances for your renovated kitchen

You’ve chosen the countertops and cabinets for your new kitchen, and now it’s time to pick the appliances. With so many ranges out there, how do you choose the right items to complete your renovation? Your lifestyle is the most important guiding factor.

Do you love to cook?

  • If you’re opting for gas, look into a variety of heat options for cooking.
  • Choose a range hood with adequate ventilation and extraction to stop grease or moisture build-up.
  • Do some research into new technology, such as steam ovens.
  • Make sure that extra plug-points for small appliances are worked into your new kitchen design.
  • Remember that warming drawers are a necessity if you like to cook and entertain – they also double as useful storage space.

Is your kitchen a gathering place for the family?

If you have small children, then easy-to-clean surfaces and safety are your two major concerns. Choose appliances with adequate warning and safety features, and pick finishes like slate that hide finger smudges and are easier to maintain.

A high-tech heat-and-eat environment

  • Yes, you need a microwave! Look into the microwave/convection oven choice – this way you can heat up anything without losing a great crispy texture.
  • Think about a steamer and a rice-cooker. The same goes for having a decent hand-blender for those cocktails and protein smoothies. With health and fitness being your top investment, eating properly is a given – installing some of these time-saving appliances will mean that you can eat at home a few times a week with very little effort.

Tips for everyone

  • More expensive doesn’t always mean better, look into maintenance, service options and guarantees – talk to the professionals who’ve helped you with your renovation for advice.
  • Read consumer reports and reviews on the appliances that you are considering.

Enjoy your new kitchen!

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