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Choosing finishes for your kitchen cabinets

You’re putting in new kitchen cabinets and you’ve found the perfect style and colour – but what about the finish? The type of finish on cabinets can change the look and impact maintenance, so here are some tips to help you choose.

  1. Find out about the pros of cons of different cabinet finishes. Some finishes can be lower maintenance, while others show wear and tear very easily. As an example: high-gloss finishes reflect lots of light, so fingerprints, dirt and scratches are much more noticeable than they would be on semi-gloss or matte cabinets.
  2. Maintenance is a key issue. Glossy finished cabinets are easy to clean, whereas the rougher matte finishes are not quite as easy.
  3. Look at the different option yourself – pictures are not reliable when it comes to finishes.
  4. Take the style of cabinet in account. If you’ve chosen an ornate and decorative cabinet, you may want to choose a simple finish to avoid the cabinets looking overstated. For this reason, matte finishes are growing in popularity, as it looks good both on modern flat cabinet fronts as it does on more traditional fronts.
  5. Consider the rest of your kitchen – flooring, lighting fixtures and colour – when choosing your finishes. For instance, if you have a lot of colour in your new kitchen, a high gloss finish will reflect them all.

Most important: go and take a look at cabinets in person, get a feel for the finishes before you choose.

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