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Have you considered concrete counter tops?

You may be thinking of remodelling your kitchen, or maybe just changing worn cabinets and countertops, but everything you see looks the same. Granite, Formica, marble – what if you could install something unique for the same cost? Concrete could be your answer – here’s what you need to know.

Easy to personalise

With concrete, you can have finishes and colours created that just aren’t possible with other materials. A professional can fashion a wide choice of finishes, and use added pigments to match your countertop to a specific paint colour.

Will the concrete crack?

Concrete countertop manufacturers use reinforcement method and materials to stop structural cracks, such as mesh or fibre. Some hairline cracks may develop from natural shrinkage, but they usually form part of the appearance. Concrete countertops are durable and rarely need to be replaced.

Concrete is a great choice for outdoor countertops

A properly-sealed concrete countertop is weather resistant and can withstand extreme conditions. With no grout-lines, they’re also easy to clean and keep free of mould. If you’re looking for something durable and tailor-made for your home, consider concrete countertops as a real option.

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