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Kitchen colours that don’t go out of style

You’re renovating your kitchen and grey is currently the fashion, but will it still be trendy five years

from now? Remodelling your kitchen is a big spend, and you want to get at least ten years of

happiness out of the changes you make! Choosing colours and finishes that have staying power is

important – here are some tips on how to keep it fresh for longer.

Chooses muted tones for fixtures

It’s not easy to change cabinets, so pick a finish that can match up to colour changes over the years.

Natural wood stains and finishes keep their appeal and, if you have painted cabinets, opt for white,

off-white, black or grey. This way, you can change the colour of the walls as fashion dictates.

Counter tops and flooring

The same goes for counter-tops and your kitchen floor – also expensive items to change. Match

them to your cabinetry, and go for long-lasting materials in colours that can take changes around


Future changes

If you stick to the basic colours and finishes for your big fixtures, it’s no great expense to do a décor

overhaul in a few years’ time. New paint for the walls, matching curtains or blinds, a new light-

fitting, some trendy dishes and accessories to match – you have a new look!


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