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Make your tiny kitchen a great space!

Modern spaces usually mean small, compact kitchens. This is especially true in flats and cottages, but you don’t have to see your kitchen as a problem. Here are 6 practical ways you can turn your small kitchen into a fabulous space.

Get rid of the clutter

Odd plates, ice-crushers, leftover chopsticks and tatty dishtowels – if you aren’t using it or loving it, get rid of it. It’s important to take this step before you buy storage containers or install cabinets, so you know what you really have.

Put up hooks

Properly installed hooks can make for a lovely display of your ladles, pans, strainers and tongs. Don’t install them directly above your stove or kettle, or else you’ll find items getting coated in grease or rusting. Also, put hooks behind a door or inside a cupboard for oven-mitts, dry dishcloths or aprons.

Shelves can be life-savers

Think of an open wall as a storage solution: put up some attractive shelves. Maybe invest in a professional to help you make the most of the space without making your space feel closed-in. Store pots and pans, stacked containers and bottled items on them, but be sure to have lids on cookware, as items stored in the open can gather dust.

Use your stove as storage space

Keep roasting pans and baking sheets in your warming drawer, and casserole dishes in the oven. Make sure that anything you store in the stove is oven-proof – you don’t want to end up with melted plastic or scorched wood by accident!

Keep surfaces free

It may be a challenge at first, but having some clear surfaces in your kitchen helps it not to seem cluttered – you’ll feel like your space is twice the size!

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