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The Perks of Installing Double Glazed Windows

Whether you’re renovating your home, building a new dream house, or just looking to upgrade your home aesthetics as well as its energy efficiency, it’s worth considering installing double glazed windows. It has multiple benefits, including the visual contribution to your existing décor, better insulation, draught and sound proofing and reduced energy consumption.

Improved heating and cooling

Double glazed windows have dual glass panels that trap air between them and it acts as additional insulation. This helps keep the cold air out and warm air in during cold winter months. With the reduction in heat loss, your home will be much more comfortable and your power bill cut.

In the same way, this insulating layer also helps in summer months by decreasing the impact of the sun and high temperatures outside. As a result, your home is cooler, with less need for your AC to operate in full power mode.

Draught and soundproofing

Another benefit of double glazed windows is the soundproofing effect. Noise pollution is a known contributor to increased stress levels that negatively influence health and comfort. Sound waves are weakened as they hit the dual panels which results in less noise entering the room.

Finally, convection draughts are an additional negative factor diminished by these windows. Due to gaps and poor seals in single glazed windows, air flows in freely and creates a draughty environment, which significantly influences the temperature in the room as well as the level of comfort. Double glazed windows are excellent in minimizing draught effects and cold spots.

Controlled condensation

When warm air is cooled, condensation is formed. With windows, air moisture condenses on the glass and forms drips of water that results in mould and dew. Single glazed windows easily transfer cold temperature from the outside in, and condensation occurs rapidly.

Double glazed windows, with air trapped in between dual panels, act as a blockage for cold air to enter and thus prevent condensation from forming on the inside.

Reduced furniture fading

Besides harmful effects that ultraviolet light from the sun has on human skin, it also causes fading of furniture and carpets by altering the chemical properties of the material colour. Double glazed windows stop the sun rays from entering the room full force, which weakens their impact on the room furnishings and keeps them looking fresh with intact and vibrant colours.

Lower carbon emissions

The most significant feature of double glazed windows is their capacity to maintain and keep heat inside and minimize harmful effects from the outside. This refers to keeping the home warm in winter and cool in summer and also to the fact that CO2 emissions from the home are also lowered. In this way, you contribute to the community and environment by being more energy efficient and having a smaller carbon footprint.

If you have made your final decision about retrofitting your home with double glazed windows in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce your impact on the environment, the next step is to find genuine experts for the job. For instance, this Perth-based double glazing installer offers a variety of solutions with outstanding results for overcoming the performance shortcomings of the traditional single glazed option without altering their appearance or street appeal of your home.

By double glazing your windows, you can significantly improve your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort. Even if your home is well insulated, about half of your heat can still be lost through poorly sealed doors and windows. Condensation is dangerous as it increases the levels of bacteria, viruses, mites and mould that are known contributing factors in causing serious respiratory issues. With double glazed windows, your home will be stabilized, sound and draught proofed with condensation reduced to minimum, which all leads to having a healthier and more comfortable home.

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