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Is it time to remodel your kitchen?

Scratched countertops, scuffed floors and outdated, worn cabinets are the usual signs that a kitchen remodel is due, but there are some other good reasons to consider making over the heart of your home. Think about these:

Child friendly

If you’re about to add to your family, then it may be time to make your kitchen safe and comfortable for raising little ones. No more sharp-edged cabinets and shiny surfaces for sticky hands – also, elevated storage space for dangerous appliances.

Adequate space

Have you been putting up with a difficult kitchen – awkwardly designed and not enough storage or work space? If so, then it may be time to remodel it to your needs.


What and how we eat has changed – deep-fat fryers have given way to steamers, and sandwich toasters have been replaced by blenders. If your appliances are outdated, then it’s time to replace them and remodel your space.


Your needs change with life – will your kitchen still be convenient to use as you get older? Having a parent come to live with you can change the family’s needs and might call for a remodel to grant easier access and use of the kitchen.


If you’ve added a deck, or opened out your entertainment area, it may be time to do the same to your kitchen. Adding more windows for light, or access to other rooms may make all the difference.

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