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Tips for when renovating your kitchen

Renovating your kitchen will add beauty and value to your home. This is a very exciting period when you are considering all the options that you can possibly go for to produce the final masterpiece.  But in all this planning there are some important considerations to make when planning out your kitchen renovation. We have to together some very handy tips that you have to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

 Tip 1 – Think about the functionality of the kitchen first, the main purpose of the kitchen is to enable you to cook the best meals and you must be able to achieve the in the most conducive atmosphere as possible. When it comes to kitchens it doesn’t always mean the bigger the better. The space between your fridge island and sink is very important and the space between the most frequent places should be carefully considered for optimal functionality. These are the most visited places in the kitchen and you do not want to end up moving 10 meters just to get to the fridge from the counter top. Cooking and cleaning has to be an easy task and the sink , fridge , cooker and counter top should always be equidistant  as these are the places you will visit frequently in the kitchen.

Tip 2 – It is also important to consider placement of appliances as you would ideally want to keep appliances like cook tops out of traffic areas where kids don’t accidentally contact handles and cause spills while running around.  Also you have to consider placement of appliances like the microwave , as you would not want it to be too high in a home with kids.

Tip 3 – Always use quality materials – Quality materials may seem to be costly but they will give you the peace of mind in the long run and are also durable. Using cheap hinges and handles for cabinets will result in cabinet doors sticking and sometimes not closing properly thereby ruining the experience of creating that elegant looking kitchen. Also cabinets made of cheap particle wood will always require constant maintenance costing you more in the long run.

Tip 4 – Choose your counter top wisely – the choice of counter top type should be determined by your cooking frequency. If you cook quite frequently then you will definitely need a broad counter top. Its is also important to have a counter top that overlaps but about 15 centimeters over the edge, as you would not want any liquid spills on the counter top flowing onto the cabinets.

Tip- 5 Proper lighting is very important – lighting is one of the most important things to consider when renovating your kitchen. Having light fixtures hanging from the ceiling will give you more light that having a recessed light.